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We recently discovered the existence of a love calculator app. We decided to use it to fill the B26 hints request we had. And then some. Also, the admins do not know the meaning of the word “hint”. 

I very highly recommend downloading the Love Compatibility Test app if you have an iphone. Unless you’re like me and the thing hates you. My OTP (AkiHika) is 22% compatible, and my second place OTP (AbeMiha) is 1% compatible. But I’m also 94% compatible with myself. Anyway, hours of amusement. 

-Admin mesa-verde

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We are the worst admins ever! We’re so sorry for neglecting our blog for the past few weeks! To make up for it, we’re going to make a bunch of texts and finally fill the remaining requests. Sorry and thank you for continuing to support us despite our failures as admins!! 

Also, we’ve started to tag admin posts to hopefully make it less confusing. Thank you and sorry! 

-Admin mesa-verde

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We have 151 followers!!! Woot woot! Thanks to all our awesomely fantastic followers!
P.S. reblog this post if you understand why we made this post (hint:
it's not because we have a lot of followers) :) and feel free to leave comments too!

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Anonymous asked: Project [K]

M/F OTP: don’t have one
M/M OTP: Mikoto/Reishi!
F/F OTP: There are like two girls. I ship them!
OT3: don’t do 3 ways.
Favorite Canon: is there anything canon?
Favorite Crack: Yoruichi/Neko. Which is totally canon.
Guilty Pleasure: None
Pairing I Hate: I don’t really hate any pairings? Which is very strange.

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Anonymous asked: Psycho Pass!!

M/F OTP: None. I very rarely ship hetero.
M/M OTP: Makishima/Kougami
F/F OTP: Yayoi/Shion
OT3: none
Favorite Canon: Yayoi/Shion
Favorite Crack: does Ken from KHR/ the twins from Ouran count? Because Kagari totally looks like their love child.
Guilty Pleasure: anything having to do with Makishima. I don’t even want to watch season two due to lack of Makishima.
Pairing I Hate: Kougami/Akane. I see it as more brother/sister.

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Anonymous asked: Naruto?


M/F OTP: uhh. Oh! Naruto’s dad/Naruto’s mom. It counts.
M/M OTP: NaruGaa! Which I intend to cosplay.
F/F OTP: InoSaku
OT3: None
Favorite Canon: Uh Naruto’s dad/ Naruto’s mom?
Favorite Crack: Erwin from SnK/Lee
Guilty Pleasure: Itachi/Sasuke (I don’t care! I ship it!)
Pairing I Hate: SasuNaru. Not just cause I ship NaruGaa, I just kind of hate Sasuke.

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Seriously, guys. I’m dying of boredom here. So send me a (preferably anime) fandom so I can answer those questions. Because I’m really really bored. Thank you lovely followers!


If you’re bored than perhaps you can work on the requests you said you would do? Or maybe post the ones you have? I say with sass. ;D
-admin psychoprince</p I can’t. My computer is currently trying to fix itself cause it got hacked cause I’m a moron. I can’t do anything not on mobile. I could do homework but where’s the fun in that? -Mesa-verde

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